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FO: Corazon

Posted on 2007.04.21 at 16:25
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I recently finished my first pair of mittens, Knitty's Corazon. Most likely I won't be able to wear them for another half a year, you know, next winter. I'm mostly pleased with the final product. The most challenging part of the project was learning to knit continental so that I could easily alternate between colors. As a result, my tension wasn't up to par. My stitches were uneven in places, because I knit more tightly in continental than in english. Anyway, onto photos and specifications,

the front (excuse the little leaf on the leftmost mitten. failed to notice it before taking the picture)
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the back. this image really shows how wonky my tension got at times.
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Pattern: Knitty's Corazon (link above the cut)
needles: some generic bamboo dpns US size 4 and Susan Bates aluminum dpns US size 3
yarn: Knitpick's Merino Style in Dusk and Vanilla

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